• Jalisa Hines

Vicktor and Rena

Gary watches his dad leave his mom

A 'bang!' in the room across from his has Gary drop the toys in his hands. He scoots himself closer to the door to his room, getting to his feet so he can reach the doorknob and twist it. He peaked out into the hallway, but nothing came into his sight, until-'Bam!' The door to his parents room is flung open, smacking against the wall. His dad storms into the hallway, eyes burning from anger.

His mom rushes out, too, and grabs his dad by the shoulders, and forces him to turn around and face her.

"You can't do this!" shouted his mom. "What about your son, huh? What about us?" His dad suddenly grabs the front of his mother's shirt, twisting it.

"I can't live here, anymore." His dad pulled his mother closer so they could be face to face. "I need to find my own place. Somewhere where Amy and I-" He stops mid-sentence, probably realizing he's said too much. Rena let's out a gasp before letting her arm hang by her side then bringing it back up to slap him in the face. She was about to d o it a second time, but Vicktor caught her wrist, appearing to be squeezing it tightly.

"Do you know how many times-" He began murmuring, giving Gary a hard time hearing the words. He flung himself around so he could stomp to the door, leaving Rena to shout foul words after him. Gary squatted down, thinking that it all had to be over, that his dad would come back, and everything would have cooled down.

That was, until Rena stormed into his room, flinging the door open.


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