• Jalisa Hines

Timothy gets interviewed

Adams: Now, let's start off with why you think you're here instead of at the school for the Gifted.

Timothy: Ah, quick fire questions. Getting to this real fast, aren't we? Well, if you want Locke's honest opinion, he has no idea why he's here. If Locke can be completely honest with you, he'd say he's done absolutely nothing to deserve being here. Except maybe one or two things considered illegal, and the occasional laugh attack but other than that...a well behaved angel.

Adams: Hmm...I see. So, you have tried to get into the school for the Gifted.What happened?

Timothy: Well, what do you think happened? He was unceremoniously hauled here, istead. or no specific reason, mind you. If Locke could have his way, he'd have the people who dragged him here arrested for kidnapping. Or better yet, have them attend this school themselves. See how they like it.

Adams: Uh huh. I see you're avoiding the obvious.

Timothy: What's that?

Adams: Why you were brought here in the first place. Does a certain explosion bring anything to mind?

Timothy: What? That thing which happened when he was a kid?

Adams: Uh, you still are a kid.


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