• Jalisa Hines

Timothy and Gary: Rap vs. Punk Rock

If Timothy could explain what he loved about his lab, besides causing massive explosions by pressing a button on the wall, he'd also say the music he played caused a blanket of comfort to wash over him. He pressed the 'On' button on the stereo which had already been inside the building when he found the place, then pressed play. Beats, Rappers, catchy lyrics, moving his head up and down as he worked. It was as it should have been, his mind completely lost to the tunes. Until, a hectic playing of guitars, the banging of drums, someone shouting into a microphone. Timothy dropped his pencil in shock, throwing his hands over his ears. Gaping, he jerked his head up, seeing none other than Gary standing by the stereo. No, not merely standing, but jumping up and down, waving his arms in the air. "GARY!," Timothy bellowed, pointing two fingers at the other boy. "Don't you dare change Locke's music again! You turn that horrendous music off!" Gary squinted before he pressed the off button, bottom lip falling open. "Huh?" He asked quietly. "You heard him," continued Timothy. "Turn that off right now and bring it back to Locke's C.D. Why must he repeat, himself?" Gary went still, eyes looking at the ceiling. They suddenly drifted back to the stereo, and his finger raised so he had it above one of the buttons. "Don't do it," snapped Timothy, changing the position of his feet so that one shoe was out further than the other. A grin sprouted up Gary's face before he brought his finger down on the play button. Timothy took off, aiming to grab the stereo, which is exactly what he did when he reached it. He lifted it above his head as if about to slam it to the ground. Gary gawked at him in horror, and fervently shook his head. Oh, well, Gary, thought Timothy. No more music for you-wait a second. Didn't that mean he would be left without music, too? "Alright." Timothy lowered the stereo, patting the top of it. "How about this, you play whatever you want whenever I'm not in here. But other than that, Locke has free reign over the music. Agreed?" Relieved, Gary shook his head up and down before shaking hands with timothy. "The things Locke has to put up with." Timothy grumbled, going back to his project.


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