• Jalisa Hines

Teaching Conrad How to Drive

Johnny: Now, remember, kid, keep your hands on the wheel and don't let go. For anything. You understand what I'm saying? Conrad: 'Nods his head, hands gripping the wheel to the car, butterflies in his stomach.' Johnny: And you remember where the break is, right? 'Cause you look like your minds someplace else. Off in another world or something. You sure you're alright? Conrad: I'm FINE, Uncle Johnny. Johnny: Okay, okay .I'm just messing with you, kid. Now, turn the key so we can get going.Then put your foot gently on the gas pedal-Whoa! I said, 'gently'. Geeze, what are you tryin' to do? Rush into a tree or somethin'? Conrad: 'Shakes his head, a big smile on his face.' Johnny: Hmm, you're enjoying this.Okay, okay. We'll just keep going straight down this trail. And just watch out for anything in the way. 'Cause you're just getting started, and you ain't me. A little story I wrote so you can get a feeling of what book five will be like.


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