• Jalisa Hines

Taking Ethan and Anthony to a rock concert: Curtesy of Sam

Samantha: 'Throws her hands in the air, nodding to the beat on the field where the band is playing.' "Whoo hoo! This is the greatest, man."

Ethan: 'Looks around the field.' "I guess, but where can we find something to eat?

Anthony: 'Uncomfortable, rubs his arms, moves out of the way as a guy wearing a tank top passes by.'

Sam: "Oh! I want to introduce you guys to someone. Come on!" Takes them to a guy with bushy, brown hair, wearing a band t-shirt, ripped jeans, and black gloves. "You guys, this is Ben. He's like, the epitome of everything old school rock."

Ben reaches out a hand, saying, "Hey, dudes. Welcome to what everybody here likes to call 'The Trash Heap.'

Ethan: 'Shakes his hand' " 'Sup', man? How's it going?

Ben: "Pretty good. How 'bout you?"

Ethan: "Alright, alright."

Ben 'turns his attention to Anthony. "And how about you, bro?"

Anthony: 'Doesn't take Ben's hand when he reaches it out to him.' "Uh...Okay, I guess. Hey, Where can you wash your hands around here?"

Ben: 'Takes his hand back, squints his eyes at Anthony.' "This is a free place, dude. We don't worry about stuff like that."

Anthony: 'Nods his head, an unbelieving smile shooting up his face. "Ah, germs, Gotcha"

Ben: 'Looks to Sam, anger shooting out of his eyes.

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