• Jalisa Hines

Taking Anthony and Ethan to a rock Concert : Part 2

Ben: 'Looks to Sam' Is he serious, dude? This isn't some fancy opera house. This is The Trash Heap. The TRASH heap.

Anthony: Yeah, I heard you the first time. 'Takes off his glasses and wipes them on his sleeve before putting them back on.'

Sam: I think there's a bathroom over here. You can wash your hands in there if you want.

Ben: 'Chuckles' Or you can stay in there for the rest of the night. I'm sure it's safer in there-

Sam: Okay, he gets it! Gosh, I wanted to introduce them to you but wow. What a mistake that was. We're supposed to be accepting to different people. To be okay with everyone who's not like us.

Ben: Whatever. Go ahead and hang out with your suburban friend.

Sam: I will! 'Throws her hands in the air again.' Come on, you guys. Let's go find these bathrooms. 'Takes them both by the arm, pulling them along.'

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