• Jalisa Hines

Nick Nac, Benji, and Darren: Wandering the Neighborhood, Part 2!

"Hey, I'm talking to you, " G.T. was now following behind them, his shoes scraping against the ground. He slipped in front of them, a snarl on his face. Three of his friends joined him, blocking his path. "Man, get out the way." Darren lowered his shoulder, attempting to cinch between them. One of the older boys shoved him in the shoulder, trying to send him stumbling backwards. Darren planted his feet on the ground, squaring his shoulders. "What'cha gonna do? Huh?" G.T. spread his arms out, making it even more difficult to go around him. "Make me fly away into the wind or something? Use your Gift to make me sink into the ground?" Another laugh escaped his throat, G.T. looking at his friends in disbelief. "Oh, yeah, I forgot. You and your little crew here can't use their Gifts. So, looks like there's nothing to be afraid of." Growing more confident, he shoved Darren again. "Okay," said Darren, more to himself than to anyone else. He swung his arm back, hand balled into a fist. His fist flew straight towards the other boy's nose, slamming into his face, whipping his head around from the impact. Two of the other boy's friends rushed at him at the same time, one snatching the side of his shirt, while the other reached out and tried to grab him by the throat. Well, if he used his Gift then oh, well. One leg quickly flew behind the other, giving him the ability to spin around so fast, they didn't even see it coming. He heard the other boy abandon him. He instead went for Benji, arms raised again like all he knew how to do was choke somebody out. Being too quick for him, like a thousand times too quick, Benji knocked his hands down before bringing him to the ground. Darren saw that as a good opportunity to haul the other boy to his feet, making sure they were face to face before he said, "Now you see just what we Gifted can do." He pushed him to the ground, and watched as he and his friends ran away into the neiborghood. "Well," said Nick Nac, hands grasping his arms. "That's it, I'm going back inside."


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