• Jalisa Hines

Nick Nac, Benji, and Darren: Wandering the neighborhood

I'm just not sure we should do this," said Nick NAC, scratching the side of his head. "What if we get caught, or are seen by someone, or-I don't know, something happens?" "You think he's scared, Darren?" Benji had an amused grin on his face, a long slip of gummy candy hanging out his mouth. "I think he's scared." "Man, we're just walking around the neighborhood." Darren wanted to kick the other boy in frustration. "What do we have to be scared of?" Instead of answering, Nick NAC crosses his arms, prompting Darren to throw his hands up in frustration. "Let's just go, Benji. I'm tired of this." Darren opens the window on the back wall, and they both climb out, landing on the grass on the front lawn. "Do you think we should have brought a flashlight?" asked Benji, turning his head left and right, eyes wide open because of the darkness of the night. Darren knocks him on the head, waving the long flashlight he had in in his hand the entire time. A sound of something falling on the ground catches their attention, and they see Nick NAC has also jumped out of the window. "Huh," Benji remarks, taking another candy out his pocket. "Look who's decided to join us!-ow!" "Quiet, fool," Darren snaps after hitting him on the arm. "Now you're getting on MY nerves." Once Nick NAC finally joins them, they set off into the night, keeping a lookout for anyone who might be outside as well. A soft, malignant voice suddenly reaches their ears, saying, "Oh, look, it's the Gifted kids. You think you better than us?" "Just keep walking." Darren had his hands balled into fists, knowing who the voice came from. G.T. Smith. One of the older kids on the block with a nasty attitude...and a foul temper.


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