• Jalisa Hines

Ms. Violet Assists a New Teacher

Ms. Violet: Okay, first I'm going to start you off with three students who've chosen to come because they thought it could get them extra credit. As you know, this is really a training exercise to know how to deal with the kids at this school. I'll be in the other room watching on video. Are you ready?

Mr. Fontaine: (Nods)

Ms. Violet: Good, then I will take my leave. Call in your students. (Exits to another room).

Mr. Fontaine: (Opens the front door to let the kids in. Eyes suddenly widen when he notices something odd), There's only two of you. Where's the other one?

The boy in the middle shrugs while the kid next to him shakes his head.

Mr. Fontaine: Alright, let's start with roll call then. Conrad Brookes?

The boy who nodded raises his hand, chewing softly on something.

Mr. Fonaine: Alright. Ethan Fost?

(The boy in the middle also raises his hand

Mr.. Fontaine: That just leaves Timothy Locke, the missing student. Well, why don't we just start on- (Is suddenly interrupted by the door bursting open. Another kid walks in, taking his time to find a seat.)

Mr. Fontaine: Timothy?

Timothy: Uh, huh. Yes, sir!

Mr. Fontaine: Your late, young man. Next time you'd better be in your seat when the bell rings.

Timothy: Right when the bell rings? Such a thing is impossible to accomplish. Perhaps ten minutes after?

Mr. Fontaine: You heard me. As soon as the bell rings, you'd better be in your seat. I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself.

Ethan: Does that mean I'm in trouble too, sir?

Mr. Fontaine: No, of course not-

Timothy: Then is Locke to suffer this detrimental scolding on his own? When nothing about it makes sense? He came in at the right time. Maybe not exactly at 1:30 but close enough. Geeze.

Conrad: (Continues to smack loudly on his gum.)

Mr. Fontaine: (Points to Conrad) I'm going to have to ask you to either be more quiet or spit that out in this trash bin.

Conrad: (Waits for their teacher to turn around then blows a bubble. Makes a loud pop when it bursts.)

Mr. Fontaine: (Whirls back around, startled.) I thought I told you-

Timothy: And the numbers just don't make sense.

Mr. Fontaine: (Sighs) Numbers?

Timothy: Yes. Math, Mr. Fonntaine. common math. Which is exactly why-

Ms. Violet: (Storms back in and crosses her arms.)

Timothy: Oh, man...

Ms. Violet: Here's some numbers for you. I'll give five seconds to get out of the classroom. Five...Four...

Timothy: (Jumps to his feet, throws his backpack over his shoulders then rushes out.)

Ms. Violet: (Turns to Conrad) And you, go outside and spit that gum out. Then wait until I tell you to come back inside.

Conrad: (Exits the classroom, but not nearly as fast as Timothy.)

Ms. Violet: Ethan...

Ethan: (Fidgets in his chair.)

Ms. Violet: Sit up straighter in your seat.


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