• Jalisa Hines

Johnny and Cosmo Interview

In the room, the two brothers are handcuffed, with two guards standing on either side of them. Adams pats the papers on his lap, nervous.

Adams: Um, let's start with how you guys know Conrad. Are you related?

Johnny: Sure. We go a long ways back. You might even say we're his uncles.

Cosmo: Eh, more or less.

Adams: And do you guys also have the Gift?

Johnny: Well, one of us does. The other thinks he's got something, but we all know that's a lie.

Cosmo: There he goes again. If I weren't handcuffed, I'd-

Adams: Now, now, gentlemen. Please calm down.

Johnny: Why you telling me to calm down? He's the one who's going loopy.

Adams: I'm just trying to get us back on track. Now, who was the get-away driver?

Johnny: That'll be this guy right here. (nods his head.)

Adams (Looks at Cosmo) Which makes you the gunman.

Cosmo: Yes, and I never miss a shot.

Johnny: (Throws his head back and laughs.) You're real funny. His jokes got me dying over here.

Cosmo: (Angry and tries to lean forward in his seat) You wouldn't be saying that if I had my gu-!

Adams: Okay, I think time is up. (Looks at the guards.) You can take them back to their cells.


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