• Jalisa Hines

Jessie and Maddox (Part 2)

They walk out of the library, Jessie holding a textbook in her hand. The wind rustles through the tree leaves, their shoes crunching on the dry grass. Maddox: "We should meet up again. By the dorms or something. Jessie: Why? Maddox: Because, I sa- Oh, great. 'smacks a hand against his forehead.' Jessie: 'Laughs' You were about to say 'Because I said so' weren't you? We need to learn how to control that mouth. Maddox: I'm working on it... Jessie: 'Steps in front of him' Maybe you could also use some help with that, too. If you're willing. Maddox: I'm more than willing. when do we start? Jessie: Whenever you want. Just as long as it doesn't interrupt my library time. M


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