• Jalisa Hines

Jessie and Maddox

Inside the school library, students are sitting at tables, working on their homework. Between several bookshelves, Jessie searches for a fantasy novel to read. When she finds one with a man holding a boulder over his head, she slips the book out then turns it around to read the synopsis. The hairs on her face rise up once someone approaches her. She looks up, startled, the book falling out of her hand.

The book is caught by Maddox, who she didn't even know was near her.

Maddox: Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Jessie: 'Puts hand on her hip.' You just don't know how to give up, do you?

Maddox: Not really.

Jessie: I'm sure you're girlfriend might not like that. No, wait. Girlfriends?

Maddox: I'm single, honey.

Jessie: And ready to mingle? Hmm, that's funny. Anyways, I should get back to my seat.

Maddox: Mind if I come along? I need help with this novel we're reading in my English class. Don't really understand the theme.

Jessie: 'A book lover, herself, sighs but nods soon after, heading back to her seat. Maddox follows along, grinning.'

Jessie: 'After she sits down, she opens her notebook, looking through the pages.' You know, I think your cousin may like my friend. Just saying.

Maddox: Who? Samantha? But doesn't she have a crush on-

Jessie: Eh, she used to. But not anymore...I think.

Maddox: And I already know about Anthony. He can't fool me.

Jessie: You're an expert on these things? 'Puts hand under her chin.'

Maddox: Only the best. 'slowly slides the book she picked up over to himself, taking her attention away from it.'

Part 2 coming up!


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