• Jalisa Hines

In The Woods (Maddox, Anthony, Griff, Streeter, and Wolf).

Maddox: I need everyone to stand where I can see you. Meaning directly in front of me. Now, who knows what we need to do to keep canids together as a strong group?

Wolf: Keep together in packs.

Streeter: Show off our strengths. (Bears his teeth, which grow sharper.)

Griff: Um, keep away from the vigilantes?

Anthony: I don't even know why I'm here.

Maddox: Some of you are right, except Anthony. The main goal we need to focus on is sticking together as a powerful unit, growing in numbers until even the vigilantes are afraid of us.

Griff: Even the pyroglees?

Maddox: The pyroglees are afraid us anyways, Griff.

Griff: Oh...but what about Conrad?

Maddox: (sighs) What about him?

Griff: He doesn't seem to be afraid of us.

Maddox: But he will be-

Griff: I mean, wasn't he strong enough to take you on in a fight-?

Maddox: Griff! Shut up, Griff!


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