• Jalisa Hines

If Timothy was a Giraffe

"Everybody, listen up!" Timothy clapped his hands, giving everyone a wide eyed look in their dorm room. "It has come to Locke's attention we have a little monster in our room who claims to be a butterfly. With all the atrocities he said he'd commit as the bug, Locke thought it'd be a good idea if he came up with a different animal, completely. Namely, a giraffe."

"Oh, NO." Conrad buried his face in his blankets, beating a fist onto his pillow. Ethan sighed, wondering when his speech was going to be over with, wishing, for once in his life, he was back in class. Heck, even history class would do. Timothy cleared his throat, clasped his hands behind his back, and began.

"If Locke was a giraffe, he'd stomp through the fields, looking down at everything he saw, AND, at everyone." Ethan nodded, thinking it couldn't be too far off from how he normally was.

Timothy twisted his head so he was looking up at Gary on the top bunk behind him, raising an eyebrow. "And after all his prancing around-"

Conrad looked to Ethan in annoyance. "Giraffes don't prance," He hissed, keeping his voice low. "If they did they'd fall over."

"-is complete," continued Timothy. "He'd spread happiness over all the land. Now, Gary, explain what it was about Locke's speech that was positive?" At first, Gary simply stared back at him, unable to come up with an answer, twiddling with his fingers.

"Anything, Gary," snapped Timothy, rolling his eyes. "It doesn't require the calculations of a physicist."

Gary sat up in his seat, crossing his legs together then said, "My butterfly would defeat your giraffe," before he laid back down in his bed.

"Oh, why don't you-!" Timothy shouted, reaching up towards the top bunk. Before he could do anything else, Ethan put his arm around him and began pulling him back. Geeze, all they needed was for him to become a bear or something...and Conrad a hunter.


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