• Jalisa Hines

If My Characters Were Teenage Girls: Nikki, Dareena, and Bonnie

"Why couldn't Heather make it today, again?" Asked Bonnie, zipping up her backpack. "Something about a cold? But can't she just make that go away?" 

"No, she can tell when someone's about to get one," replied Nikki. "But she can't make it go away."

"Duh, girl," snapped Dareena, rolling her eyes. "What's wrong with you?" 

"Uh, nothing," responded Bonnie, stretching her arms. "But I do know I'm bout to run circles around you guys during this mile run, today."

"Hmm." Dareena nodded before dashing to a tree and back to her original spot. So quick, she looked like a blur. "You were saying?" Dareena rolled her shoulders so they cracked. 

Suddenly, a group of boys they saw everyday walked by them, Bonnie's twin brother among them.

"Isn't your brother with Ellie, now?" Nikki scratched the top of her head. Bonnie sighed, shuffling her feet. 

"Yep," she blurted out. "I warned her."


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