• Jalisa Hines

If My Characters Were Teenage Girls: Madison and Anna

As was the usual case when she walked down the hall with her group of friends, other kids moved to the side, clearing a path for them. Madison smoothed her hair back as they entered the cafeteria then went to their usual table near the exit. 

Madison slowly lowered herself into her seat, dropping her backpack on the floor while setting her purse by her legs. 

"I could eat a whole cow right now," gushed Gina, swirling her food around with a fork. 

"Please don't. " Madison rolled her eyes while thrusting an open hand towards Gina. "I could do without that nasty visual, thank you." 

"I think Gina could use more Together Time," joked Wyoming, referring to when they went out and changed into their alternate forms. "That and-" 'Smack!' A tray landed on the table, interrupting Wyoming. Anna pulled a chair out, sighing as she did so. "Um...Anyways!" continued Wyoming. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted."

"Geeze, sorry," grouched Anna. "Didn't mean to steal your show." She takes out her laptop and begins typing. 

"Hey," whispers Madison to Anna. "Did you find anything?" 

"Only exactly what we needed." Anna turns the laptop so the screen is facing Madison. 

Madison smiles.


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