• Jalisa Hines

If My Characters Were Teenage Girls

Ellie brushed her long braids off her shoulder while standing in front of her locker, not looking forward to another drab hour of listening to their teacher talk about history. It was hard to keep her eyes open in that class, so she almost felt relieved knowing she'd be sitting next to her loudmouth best friend, Tina. 

Suddenly, someone came beside Ellie and slammed their hand against a locker, throwing their backpack to the floor afterwards. 

"Hi, Connie," greeted Ellie cheerfully. "Who made you mad, today?" Connie ran a hand through her dyed hair, and shook her head. 

"No one. I just felt like destroying something." She smacked the locker again, the 'Wham!' noise it created making Ellie scoot further away from her. 

"Watch out," instructed Ellie at the sight of someone rushing over to them. Connie moved to the side as Tina came to a halt next to them, planting her fancy shoes on the floor. 

"Hey, girlies," said Tiny, taking out a small, handheld mirror and smacking her lips at her reflection. "Don't know about you, but Tiny, is ready to pass this quiz with flying colors." 

"You barely even studied, " snapped Connie, rolling her eyes before they began walking to their third period class. 

"Oh, stop it." Tina swatted at the air. "A quick read is all she needs for the content to become permanently stored in her brain. It's facts, Connie."

Part Two coming up. Let's see what everyone else is like.


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