• Jalisa Hines

If Gary was a butterfly ;)

Ethan made himself comfortable on the bottom bed below Gary's, interested in what the other boy had written for his assignment for his English class. According to Gary, his teacher had every student choose which animal they would be, or bug, if they had a chose. But, instead of letting the other boy choose for himself, she called him up to her desk and decided on a butterfly. It didn't matter what kind of butterfly, any of the winged bugs would do, as long as he could come up with something. Ethan knew the real reason behind her picking the bug was because it couldn't commit harm to others and be a raging monster., which the other boy would have probably chosen for himself. Maybe it had been best for her to make the decision. "Ready when you are", said Timothy, sitting at the edge of his own bed, crossing one leg on top of the other. Conrad peeked from under his blanket, which he had buried himself underneath. Gary shook his paper out then took three small steps to the center of the room. He cleared his throat then began in a quiet voice, "If I was a butterfly, I'd soar to the highest cloud in the sky and zip through it because I want to see what the inside looks like." Ethan nodded, encouraging him to continue. "If I was a butterfly, I'd dip from the clouds in the sky then fall back to earth, 'cause I'd be quick, faster than any other creature on the planet. And if any other butterfly tried to pass me, I'd push him out of the way." Timothy's smile nearly disappeared, his eyebrow raising. "And if it tried to pass me again, I'd grow claws out of my wings and snatch him back up." A sinking feeling swirled inside Ethan's stomach. "Because as fun as it is to race others, it would be even more exciting to rip-" "Okay," Ethan interrupted, sitting up straighter in his seat. "You're going to have to change that, man." Gary fervently shook his head, frowning. "Yeah, you need to start over," said Ethan, growing frustrated. "You trying to get kicked out of school or something?" "Hmm." Timothy rubbed his chin. "You know, you wouldn't think some small, twelve year old kid would display sociopathic behaviors, or even write them down and read them to others...but here we are." Okay, Excluded Kids, just a little short story I felt like writing which made me laugh. :D They're 13 at this time and Gary's 12.


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