• Jalisa Hines

Gary's Dad, Viktor, When He Was a Teen.

The door to Viktor's room banging against the wall as he thrust it open, was pretty much the start to a normal day. Only this time, he'd get the upper hand. Viktor shoved his older brother in the back, not wanting him anywhere near his room, especially near his pet mouse, which he held protectively in his hand.

Their younger sister, Kristen, exited her own room, mouth hanging open as she observed the spectacle. Bertram raised his fists and got into a fighter stance, placing one leg behind the other.

"Come on, Champion," he taunted, moving his neck from side to side so his head touched his shoulders. "I'm ready. How 'bout you, huh?" Viktor simply straightened his stance, placing his arms by his sides.

"Or, Maybe I should take your mouse and stomp on it-"

"Bertram!" Kristen cried out, a hand flying up to her mouth.

"He won't do anything, Kristen," said Viktor defiantly. "He's all talk."

"Okay, then maybe I'll just-" Bertram stomped forward, causing Victor to take several steps back, holding his pet closer to himself


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