• Jalisa Hines

Gary, Ethan, Timothy: Lab Dispute

Timothy kicked his feet in the air in his own little prance, swiping his hand through several tree branches on an oak tree he passed by. He hummed a tune he thought had a merry beat, the wind rustling the tree leaves all around him adding to his excitement. Another trip to the beach was pleasant in and of itself, the building on the beach...that was where the fun was. The lone building rose to the night sky, every square window, three in all, pitch black. Well the two that he saw in front of him. He knew that the third was locate on the far left, hidden from site. His eyes roamed over the surface of the wall by the door, flecks of chipped paint fluttering off with the wind. Ah. there it is. Timothy placed his hand on the silver pad staff members used to swipe a card over to get inside. He summoned a little of his Gift, the electricity swirling through his fingers. The door clicked open, and Timothy waisted no time stepping into his workplace. Sooner or later, Ethan would stop by too after he finished one of his Puzzles, looking for another place to hang out. Timothy clapped his hands together, using his Gift to turn on all the lights. The sound of a paper being flipped stopped him in his tracks, had him study different areas of the lab before he found the source of the noise. Gary set another long piece of paper on his lap, sitting on the far left side of the lab where he did indeed have the light on above him, removing some pencils from out of his pocket and glancing at Timothy with little interest. Timothy just about had it. This was the second time he caught the little twerp inside his lab, and he'd make sure it would be the last... Okay, Excluded Kids, I think a fight is about to go down. O.O Ethan's point of view is up next.


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