• Jalisa Hines

Gary, Ethan, and Timothy: Lab Dispute part 2

Ethan didn't expect he'd be leaving the dormitory and heading out to the lab, but there he was, on his way to a place that Timothy claimed to be his own. He didn't care much for the lab, but getting out of their room, even for just a moment, was a relief. He pulled his jacket tighter around himself as a cool gust of wind blew around him, the night air not having any sympathy as it continued to flow and create goosebumps up his arms. He breathed a sigh of relief when the old building came into his site, noticing a crack between the wall and doorway.

He rubbed his hands together then flung the door open and quickly stepped inside the building, glad to be finally out of the cold. That's when he heard the first shout.

"Gary, Locke doesn't how many times he has to tell you this but if he must repeat himself then so be it!"

Ethan inched his way inside the building, eyes scanning the area until he found the two boys, one clutching the top of his head and standing on his tiptoes, the other sitting at a table and tightly gripping a pencil as if in any moment he would throw it so it launched across the room, the tip of the lead jamming into the wall. "Locke is nearly at his wits end-Oh, Ethan!" Timothy rushed over to him, shoes flopping against the floor, one hand still clutching his hair. "Can you explain to this deplorable human being why he's invading Locke's personal property?"

Ethan shook his head and snickered, not believing they had come down to a lab fight again. He shook out his hands, clasped them together in front of himself then said, "Like I said before, this building belongs to whoever built it, which I'm guessing was Warren. Y'all are just intruders." Timothy's mouth dropped open in shock, prompting Ethan to continue, "Yeah , both of you."

"I found it first," said a quiet voice at one of the tables in front of Ethan. Gary narrowed his sky blue eyes, mouth pursing, his glare at Timothy almost scalding. As Ethan expected would happen, Timothy let out a storm of laughter, backing up as he attempted to keep his balance.

"What I suggest for y'all to do is share the dang space," Ethan continued, rolling his eyes. Gary let out an aggravated sigh, rolling up a picture he'd drawn of a sad woman staring up at the sky. Timothy, on the other hand, began walking to part of the room which had a device on the wall, which happened to be a lever. He put his hand on top of the lever, looking from Ethan to Gary.

"If we have to resort to this...then so be it." And with that, he yanked the lever down, causing a metallic ball to come rolling off a ramp into the glass room, flipping off the structure before hitting the ground. 'Bang!' An explosion Ethan thought would shatter the glass rocked the entire room, and he watched as Gary hopped off his chair and scrambled underneath the table.

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