• Jalisa Hines

First Time Going to Dock 45: From Conrad's Perspective.

The short line of kids waiting at Doc 45 for the boat to show up was a show of gloom, nobody in the mood to make friends or retell an amusing joke. All remained silent except for the sound of waves crashing onto the shore.

Conrad couldn't believe they had to wake up so early for a freakin' boat ride. Just the sound of the waves made him feel uneasy, wanting to jump off the dock and sprint home like his life depended on it. Even the smell of salt water sent his stomach into a nauseating dance.

"Okay, everyone!," shouted one of the teachers who came with them on the bus ride. "The second bus has arrived. Make some room." The other kids began moving forward, Conrad, who was last in the line, attempting to keep up on the raggedy planks. The quick pace of shoes tapping on the ground, as if the kid behind him was speed-walking and dancing at the same time, made him turn around, eyes narrowed.

A red headed kid, smoothing his jacket with a smile on his face, moved up closer behind Conrad. A little too close, in his opinion.

"Hey," Conrad snapped. "Get back!"

"Woah, woah," said the other boy, holding up his hands. " Locke has no choice. That lady over there said he has to stand here"

Instead of responding, Conrad shoves him so he stumbles backwards. The other boy nods before smacking his hands together, and when he pulls them apart, a line of electricity goes from both of his hands.

"Are you sure you want to go there?" asked Conrad, holding up his palm, making flames shoot out of it.

The other boy barks out a laugh before saying, "Positive."


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