• Jalisa Hines

First Time at Dock 45, From Conrad's Perspective, Part 2

Conrad whirled his hands round and round, prompting more fire to come out. If this kid wanted to be trapped in searing hot flames then so be it. He had no problem with unleashing his Gift on some foolhardy nitwit who-'Bizzzt!' Conrad cried out in shock and pain, jumping back. He shakes himself off, glaring at the boy who sent a bolt of electricity flying at him. His wide, tooth bearing smile was all he needed to send flames flying out of his fingertips, stomping his foot.

The other boy tries to jump out of the way, but a blast brazes the side of his face, making him yell, "Whoa!" He swatted at his clothes, making sure nothing caught on fire.

"Aright," said the other boy in his nasally voice, making Conrad's skin crawl. "If that's how it's going to be-" Before he could say anything else, the teacher who'd ordered all of them to get in line, jumped between then, arms outstretched, her hair tied into a


"Okay, you two," she snapped, a nasty glare on her face. "If you're not going to get along, how about you sit next to each other on the second boat ride? Oh, wait a minute." She dug a hand in her jacket pocket. "You're going to

need these." She yanked out handcuffs, making them jiggle in the air.

Conrad shrugged, not bothered by the idea at all.

"Oh, did you think the two ofyou would get your own pair?" She motioned for the other boy to stand next to him, which the other boy slowly did. "I think not." She opened the handcuffs and put one around Conrad's wrist and the other around the other boy's wrist. They were stuck together. Freakin' stuck together.


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