• Jalisa Hines

Ethan, Timothy, and Conrad interview

Adams: Hello again. Since I've spoken with you three before, let's try some different questions. Starting with, how are you, today? Ethan: I'm good, man. (Shrugs) Would like to get back to my room, though. Timothy: Happy and in great shape, like always. Although, there could be a little more room in here. Just saying. Conrad: Fine. I guess. Adams:Good, good. Now, you're going to have a new interviewer today. Her name is Mrs. Brown. She'll be here shortly- (Hears a knock on the door) Ah, there she is now. Farewell, gentlemen. (Get's up and exits through the door. A woman in a black suit, holding a clipboard enters, square glasses on her nose. Mrs. Brown: Good afternoon. (Ethan smiles, Conrad nods, Timothy has a half smile, eyes looking left and right as if if he's confused.) We're going to start with your grades. How have you been doing, so far? Ethan: Alright. Conrad: Fine. I guess. Timothy: Superlative! Oh, Locke's sorry. Do you now what that means? Should he, uh, speak differently? Use words that are not so hard to understand- Mrs. Brown (Becoming insulted) Yes, I now what that means! Don't ask me if I can understand long words just because I'm a woman. I'm perfectly capable understanding your vernacular. Timothy: Ah...


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