• Jalisa Hines

Ethan's Dream Job, As Seen On TV

Despite the fact it was twelve O' clock in the afternoon, Ethan made his way out of his room like he was sleep walking. At times, he held onto the walls by stretching out his arms, keeping himself from falling on the hard wooden floor. He spotted the black sofa, made his way to it then flopped down on the soft cushions and grabbed the remote. He turned the channels until an image of a vigilante with a white cape and an orange suit flew across the screen. "Want to be like one of the vigilantes you see flying across the screen?" came a man's voice, sounding excited and cheerful. Ethan shrugged. "Well come on over to Warren's School for the Gifted, the school which trains you to become a skilled crime fighter in your city." "Huh..." Ethan turned up the volume, suddenly curious. He may have only been eleven years old, but being a crime fighter in his city seemed a heck of a lot better than any other job. Oh, yeah. Much better. "Warren Swift is looking for a tough team to join his son, Bertram, to take down bad guys and save innocent people. Do you think you can do it? Ethan rubbed his hands together, murmuring "Yep," like the man on the TV could hear him. "All you have to do is..." Ethan ignored the man as he quickly went over what was expected of the vigilantes. Boy, would he regret that.


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