• Wesley Mendelovitch

Conrad's First Criminal Experience

At just ten years old, Conrad would have preferred being at some kind of candy store, choosing between a lollipop and a bar of chocolate. Not sitting in front of a convenience store with his legs crossed.

He soon heard cries of terror coming from behind him, which let him know his uncles had gone to work. Conrad huffed, wished they'd allowed him to bring his comic books.

Something. Before he could really detest his situation, Cosmo rushed out of the building, holding a long sack in his hands. Johnny came out next, whipping out his car keys and pressing the 'unlock' button.

He lifted Conrad so the young boy sat on his hip, saying in a breathless voice, "We shouldn't have brought you."

He opened the door to the car and nearly thrust Conrad inside. Conrad grinned, looked forward to their car speeding down the road.


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