• Jalisa Hines

Conrad, Ethan, and Timothy: Roaming the School Grounds

Ethan (steps out of the dorms, into the cool air): "finally, some relief. I hate sitting in there, doing nothing."

Timothy:(Looks around) " Hmm, nobody in sight. Except for this measly bug crawling along the cement...covered in mud...and getting closer to Locke's shoe"-scrambles backwards, ends up tripping over his feet.

Conrad: 'Walks past him' "Afraid of everything, I swear.

Timothy: 'Stands up again, dusting himself off. "Actually, Conrad, Locke is allergic to germs."

Conrad: "How can you be allergic to germs?"

Ethan, speaking to Timothy and Conrad: "Hey, I heard the field is still open. If not, we'll just climb the fence."

Nick Nac, comes from the side of the building along with Darren. "Are you guys really going to the field? Won't you get in trouble?"

Ethan: Nah, not if we're quick enough.

Darren: "Watch them get caught. It's only a matter of time."

Ethan: 'Grumbles to himself, storming past the other two boys.'

Darren: 'To Conrad, but loud enough for Ethan to here.' "Bye, man." To Ethan's surprise and annoyance, Conrad quickly waves at him, moving his hand from side to side.

The fence blocking the field comes into view, and Ethan picks up his pace. To his surprise, Maddox appears at the other side of the fence, Griff, Wolf, and Streeter close by.

Maddox: "Hello. Are you looking for something?"

Ethan: "Man, we just trying to get through. Get out the way, please."

Maddox: 'Looks to his friends, amused.' "Oh, I was going to get out the way. 'Shrugs' Just wanted to see what was going on."

Conrad: 'Pushes past Ethan, grabs the fence.' "I'm not as nice. So, move." him and Maddox have a stare-down for more than a few seconds before Maddox shrugs and backs away from the gate. Conrad forces the gate open then storms inside.

Ethan: 'Looks to Maddox and shakes his head.' "You didn't have to do all that. Now he's going to be mad for the rest of the night.

Hello! This is short story I wrote just for fun. I tried to show Conrad and Darren's cordiality compared to Ethan and Maddox's.


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