• Jalisa Hines

Club Science Competition Part 2

Let's see what Timothy has to say this time...'sigh'

"Alright, everyone. Take your places." The leader of the competition, Mr. Stridel, gestured to the students, waving his hands with a clipboard cinched between his arm and waist, his round glasses slipping to the stub of his nose. He then straightened the blazer to his suit and regarded the auditorium as everyone took their seats at the rectangular tables. "A teacher placed in each section will inform you of what you're supposed to do, so if everyone will take their seats, we can get started." Helen hurried to the table with the sign 'mathematics' poking out the top of it with Max by her side, plopping into a seat then digging out a mechanical pencil out of her pocket. She glimpsed at Sarah making herself comfortable at the table where they were supposed to show off their mechanical hand with Zach going along with her.

She had guessed everyone who was supposed to join their table had already taken their seats, but the screeching of a chair across the floor proved her wrong. Timothy had come to join their group, a wide, lopsided grin displaying most of his teeth.

"Greetings, Fellow Engineer compadres," he said, placing both hands on the table, fingers interlocked. "Locke assumes you're ready for another intriguing day of mechanical hand tomfoolery." He let out a small laugh but stopped when he noticed no one else joined in. In fact, the only thing he received was cold stares and dead silence. Timothy looked to the side of himself by using just his eyes, murmuring, "You guys are the same as always", but he finally blurted out while slapping his hands against he table," Boy, you guys are the same as always! Such a pleasure to be around. And always-"

Before he could finish, one of the teachers Mr. Stridel mentioned appeared at their table, holding a stack of papers. She then set one of them in front of all the students, instructing them to complete each equation on the paper.

Helen squinted at the big equations, some of them giving her a headache already, but she quickly set her pencil to the paper, scribbling away what she thought to be the correct way to complete the problems. Hopefully, her hastily made flashcards with the same equations written on them would come in handy...

Part 3 coming up! I'm having way too much fun with this. lol


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