• Jalisa Hines

Club Science Competition

Hello! Just thought it would be fun to write a scene from a competition club science goes to. All from another team's perspective. :) This is part 1.

Helen swiped a strand of hair off her shoulder, nerves running wild even though she spent most of the night looking over her flash cards. Beside her sat the supposed King of Technology, himself, Max Clarence, tapping his foot with a hand on his knee, lips pursed and eyes squinting as if he were already through the double doors and inside the Newberg High School auditorium, working on numbers that explained how a mechanical hand worked.

Ah yes, the mechanical hand. A project they've been assembling for a few months, something they hopped would be good enough to win first prize...Well, at least get them to second place.

"Geez, this place is crowded," said Sarah, a close friend of Helens', her purple stockings disappearing under her black skirt, white blouse with a tie that matched her stockings ruffling in the wind. "When do the doors open, again?"

"In five minutes," said Zach, who arrived with Sarah, fumbling with his sweatshirt. "Did we forget anything?"

"Nope", said Sarah, taking out the mechanical hand from her tote bag. "We have everything. I don't think we'll have too hard a time this year-Ugh! Look who's coming this way." Helen peered around her, curious to see who had made her so mad. She didn't recognize the group of students making their way down the field, but she could tell by the wide grin on the one in front's face they were confident.

"Who are they?" asked Helen, rubbing her fingers against her palms.

"They're the team to beat. See that guy wearing the square glasses and the irritated look on his face? That's Anthony. He's some kind of computer whiz. I heard he can also hack into any computer he wants to in several minutes. And the boy holding the textbook? He's Hunter, the one who can list diseases in a second. oh, yeah, then there's Samantha, the hippie looking girl on their team. She's really good with grammar and vocabulary. And then...there's...Timothy." Sarah paused as if she was disgusted and couldn't bring herself to say anymore. "He's the guy in the front with the red hair. He's no joke when it comes to mechanics, and also is the competition's residential egomaniac. They may be weird, but their also the toughest team out here. We're going to have a hard time this year."

Helen sighed, not looking forward to the competition, anymore.


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