• Jalisa Hines

Character Interviews: Jessie Swanson


Adams- Let's start off with what I've been asking your other classmates. Why do you think you're here?

Jessie-(Shrugs) I really don't know. I was perfectly fine at my old home.

Adams-Would you rather be at the school for the Gifted, where you'll be trained to become a vigilante?

Jessie-Ugh. No.

Adams-Why not?

Jessie-I'm not a fighter. I was taught to be kind to others and to be gentle.

Adams-Ah. I see. Kind of unusual for someone who can make large waves by simply focusing on the water-

Jessie-No, a lot of nature Gifted are peaceful. I never heard of one who isn't.

Adams-If only I could say the same for Alpine. Do you know who she is?

,Jessie-Some crazy woman who can take down a whole forest. (Narrows her eyes) Please don't compare me to her. We're nothing alike.

Adams-Of course, of course. (Waves hands in the air.) Let's forget about that. How about you tell me about your friends. Or perhaps a significant other. Do you have one yet?

Jessie-(Smiles and looks down.) Maybe. I think you spoke to him already.

Adams-Oh? And who would that be0?

Jessie-(Leans close to Adams and whispers a name in his ear.)

Adams-The canid? Are you sure that's safe?

Jessie-(Defensive) He's more than just a canid, you know. He and his family used to live peacefully out in the woods with others like them. They never harmed anybody.

Adams-Yes, but living out in the woods without permission could get you in a lot of trouble. I wouldn't be surprised if they were caught and punished. Though

I wouldn't say it's unwarranted-

Jessie-(Jumps up from her seat then storms off.)


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