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Character Interviews. First Up: Maddox Bernard

Hello, Excluded Kids! Guess who finally has her computer back? lol I decided to change it up a bit. Here are character interviews by a very concerned counselor who got sent to Buzzard Island against his will. :/ Will some of the students he meets make him want to run (or swim) back to Cove City???

Adams: Okay, let's start off with why you think your here.

Maddox: Is this a question? I don't know what you mean.

Adams: I mean why do you think you're a student at Warren's Refuge of Neglected Gifted instead of being at his first school?

Maddox: (Shrugs) I don't know. Maybe they ran out of space at the school for the Gifted and are no longer accepting students. I don't really undertest why I'm here.

Adams: It may have something to do with your Gift? You're a canid, correct?

Maddox: (smirks) Maybe. But what has that got to do with anything?

Adams: Well, canids are known to do you say it?

Maddox:(Still smiling) Aggressive? Am I making you nervous?

Adams: (Quickly shakes his head) No, but maybe a little on the disagreeable side.

Maddox: Disagreeable. (Snorts) We're more agreeable than those no -good pyroglees. In fact, they should all be at the school for Neglected Gifted, not any of us.

Adams: Okay, but-

Maddox: (Leans Closer,) Take them all out of the city, starting with what's his face. Conner or something-

Adams: Let's go back to-

Maddox: Will you stop interrupting me?

Adams: And it appears you do indeed have a temper. (Takes out a notebook and pencil then writes something down.


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