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Character Interviews-Darren Lewis

#darrenlewis Adams-Alright, let's start with why you think you're here and not at the school up north. Darren-Seems like everyone at the school for the Gifted are afraid of someone they can't keep up with. Adams-Ah, so your Gift is to run really fast? Darren. Man, it's super speed. Get it right. i mean, um...yeah, sure. Whatever you want to call it. Adams-How would you handle a rough situation? Darren-Such as? Adams-Getting into a confrontation with someone stronger than you. Darren-"Not a lot of people are stronger than me. Next. Adams-But let's just say- Darren-NEXT...question. Adams-Okay...What would be you're main goal as a vigilante in your city? Darren-Fighting bad guys. i'd be really good at that. Adams- But what about bringing peace to the city- Darren- Nah, see, I’m the one answering the questions. If you don't like what I have to say then move on. (Notices Adams narrows his eyes then writes something down on his paper. Groans when he realizes he's messed up.)


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