• Wesley Mendelovitch

Character Interview: Maddox and Anthony

Adams: Nice to have you back. Let's start with what your favorite subject in school is.

Anthony: Math, because I like to solve problems.

Maddox: 'Stays Silent. Arms crossed and tapping his foot.'

Adams: Nothing from you, young man? Okay, moving on. As a vigilante, what would your name be?

Anthony: 'Shakes his head' I don't want to be a vigilante. But I could help out with codes and stuff. Send secret messages, tell them where to go and who to look out for.

Adams: 'Looks to Maddox again' And what about you? Any vigilante name you want to have?

Maddox: 'Yawns, and continues tapping his foot. Remains silent.'

Adams: Nothing at all?

Anthony: 'Points his finger in Maddox's face.' He asked you a question, weirdo! How about you actually say something.

Maddox: Get your finger out of my face...

Anthony: Or what? You going to actually do something? We're waiting. 'Points at him again.'

Maddox: I said get your finger out of my face! 'Pushes him away, a growl coming out of his throat.'

Anthony: Still waiting. 'Continues to point. A growl comes out of his own throat.

Adams: 'Takes out a pen and a small notebook. Begins to write.' His temper is coming out, again. 'Moves the pen across the paper.' Seems to come out at different times.

Anthony: Who you talking about? Maddox? He's not that bad. I know he's annoying, but...

Adams: Hmm. 'Lifts his head up, thinking about something, Finally, he speaks again.' No. I was talking about you.

Maddox: You better shut up about my cousin, or I'll come over there and shove that pen down your throat.

Adams: More aggressive behavior to report about.. Interesting...

Anthony: Yeah, but only because you started it! I didn't do anything. HE didn't do anything. 'Nods at Maddox.'

Maddox: And what's your problem, anyways? You like blaming everything on us?

Adams: No, just wanted to see what it would take for you guys to stand up for each other. And I have to say, it didn't take much. 'Smiles broadly'

'Maddox and Anthony look at each other in annoyance, which turns into sheepishness when they look away.


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