• Jalisa Hines

Character Interview: Conrad

Adams: Hello, again, young man. Let's start with why you think you're here. Conrad: I don't know. Why don't you tell me. Adams: Well, this school is for Gifted kids, like yourself, who need to find a different path to pursue. Conrad: I'm on the wrong path? Adams: Well, yes- Conrad: And I need to find a different way? Adams: That is preferable, yes. Conrad: 'Gets up' Then I guess I can leave. Adams 'Holds up a hand' Hold on, young man. We're not finished. Conrad: But you already answered your own question. Adams: Then let's try something different. How do you and the Fost boy know each other? Conrad: What do you mean? We met at the Obstacle Course. obviously. Adams: I mean before that. What's your connection? Conrad: 'Agitated': People in our families may know each other. So What? Adams: Huh. I just find it interesting is all- Conrad: Why? Its got nothing to do with you. Adams: True, but I am the interviewer, and I am allowed to ask the questions. Now, what is it like to be a pyroglee? Conrad: It's all fine and dandy. I love burning people when they get on my nerves. Adams: 'Becoming uncomfortable'. Oh, so you, uh, used your Gift on somebody before? You now that's illegal, right? Conrad: 'Crosses his arms'. Never stopped me, before.


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