• Jalisa Hines

Character Interview: Beverly and Nova

Adams: Okay, let's start with the first question. Why do you think you're here and not at the school up north? Beverly: 'Shrugs" Well, I never wanted to be a vigilante, anyways. 'Points to Nova' She could though. Cause she's really smart. And she can fight. Nova: Eh. I guess. I don't want to fight anybody, though. Beverly: She's lying. You know you like to throw some punches, girl. Adams: Ah, I see. Do you want to be the next Emerald? Nova: 'Shakes her head' I'd rather do math homework for two years than be like her. Adams: But she's one of the top protectors of our city- Nova: Yeah, and she's as smart as a rock. I'll pass, thank you. Beverly: Ooooh, girl. 'Turns to Adams' See, what I tell you? That's the fighter spirit I was talking about. Adams: Okay, but- Nova: I think she has me confused with the guy she's always flirting with. Beverly: Now, wait a minute, who are you talking about? And, you want to turn it around to flirting, how about you explain why the science club is suddenly so appealing. Nova: I'm going to start saying calculus problems out loud, I swear. Anything to silence her. Beverly: 'giggles' Whatever you say, smart girl.

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