• Jalisa Hines

Character Interview: Anthony (continued)

Adams: Okay, let's try to actually finish the interview this time. Anthony: Why am I not allowed to have my laptop? Adams: I thought it might be too distracting. Which is brings me to my next question. Why is this device so important to you? Anthony: 'Shrugs' I like computers, or machines in general. They take my mind off things. Adams: Like what sort of things? Anthony: Like things that get on my nerves, which is a lot of stuff by the way. Oh, and bad memories. Adams: Can you tell me about any of these bad memories? Is that alright? Anthony: 'Narrows his eyes, getting defensive.' No. I don't want to talk about it. Adams: It helps if you just talk about what happened that made you upset- Anthony: Oh, my God. You're not my therapist. Do you have your license in therapy? No? Didn't think so. Can we move on to something else, please? Adams: 'Sighs' Alright, how about we talk about what you like to do on your laptop, because I have a feeling it's not simply playing games. Anthony: 'Pushes his glasses further up his nose.' Eh, maybe I'm involved in some extra-curricular activities. Adams: Oh, that sounds like fun. What kind of activities? Anthony: 'Grins' Let's just say I know all about you now. Like all the schools you went to. And how you wore a red colored tux to prom. Adams: 'Becoming flustered' : I think we should finish this interview at another time. How about with your cousin, Maddox? Anthony: What? Are you crazy?!


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