• Jalisa Hines

Character Interview: Anthony

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Adams: Let's start with the most basic question. Why do you think you're here?

Anthony: Because I'm a canid. Why else would I be here?

Adams: So you think because of the Gift you have, you were sent here?

Anthony: (Shakes his head) I KNOW that's why I was sent here. Look at me. Do I look like an idiot?

Adams: Of course not. I'm just-

Anthony:' Opens his laptop. Begins typing.'

Adams: Excuse me. Interview's still going

Anthony: I know. Just found something more interesting

Adams: 'Motions for someone to take the computer away. Once they do, Anthony looks up in shock.

Anthony: Hey!

Adams: Now, I heard you're in the science club. How's that?

Anthony: Okay, I guess. Better than being with Maddox and his stupid friends. Oh, wait, I have to listen to Timothy's big mouth. So, I don't know. You've had them both in here before, right? So you figure it out.

Adams: Um...figure what out, exactly?

Anthony: Who's more annoying, genius! Geeze, when is this over with?! I want to get out of here, already. 'Picks up his stuff and stomps to the door he entered through, flinging it open.'

More with Anthony later. Since this is an unfinished interview. lol' And after taking a break from this for a while, I'm officially back!


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