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Character Conversations with their Younger selves. Timothy

#timothylocke Timothy- "Well, well, well. If it isn't the miniature version of Locke he remembers with such fondness. " YT- "Sorry...He has no recollection of ever making your acquaintance. Timothy- "Only in his dreams and memories do you make an appearance. Disregarding authority, triggering devices that may or may not go boom, laughing at little things. In essence, owning life. Now what do you say we commence with these questions?" YT: "Eh, I guess. But can we make this short? Locke has a project he needs to finish." Timothy- "Your answer actually means very little to him, since we're going through these questions anyway. YT: Then why did you ask? Timothy: Locke just felt like it. Now, Is Buzzard Island the school where academic dreams come true? An island where Gifted kids train to use their powers for good?" YT- "Not exactly. In fact, he'd even say our school is the exact opposite from Warren's School for the Gifted. Everything we do is a lesson on how to keep our Gifts subdued. Unless, of course, large mechanical creatures stand in our way then our Gifts are allowed to be used full force." Timothy-"Hmm, interesting. And how does it feel to know you'll never attend Warren's high school up north?" YT- "A relief. Locke snuck his way out of those circumstances as fast as he could, using nothing but pure intellect to accomplish the task." Timothy- "Eradicating a classroom had nothing to do with it, huh" YT- "Hey, it took knowledge to assemble the parts together you- Timothy- "Ha! Locke's accomplished the unthinkable. Annoying his own self should earn him several prizes."


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