• Jalisa Hines

Character Conversations with their Younger Selves: Samantha

#samanthawaters Samantha: Okay, let's start out with your original life. Tell me about that. Younger Sam: Well, my parents and I used to go to these insane outdoor concerts, every other month, man. We used to sit in the very front and bring our own lunches in plastic bags. I so miss the old life. Samantha: What about Buzzard? You can hang out on an island and watch the waves crash onto the shore. Young Sam: Eh, it's okay, I guess. I mean, it is great to go to a school built by Warren Swift, but I would enjoy the freedoms of his first school a lot more. I can't believe I'm not even allowed to wear my headbands. Samantha: Have you thought about joining any clubs to get out of your comfort zone a little? Young Sam: Oh, yeah, man. Club Science is my go to spot during lunchtime. We compete in competitions and mostly win. No offence to the other schools. Samantha: What do you plan on doing once you graduate from Warren's Refuge of Neglected Gifted? Young Sam: Oh, probably open my own plant shop. That's part of my Gift, you know? Helping plant life grow and live. Samantha: Umm, you're not allowed to use your Gift after you graduate. Young Sam: What!? Whose crazy idea was that? I know Ethan doesn't like this place but- (Continues ranting) Samantha: Oh, My gosh,chill, man.


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