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Character Conversations with their Younger Selves. -Conrad


Hello, Excluded Kids! I know I started this a while ago on goodreads but never finished it. 'sigh' lol But I will try my best to continue on despite having had lost my journal these scenes were written on. But, anyways, Onward! We shall improvise!

Conrad: So...uh...I'm supposed to read these questions to you.

YC: 'Glares'

Conrad: 'Tries to contain his own glare.' Alright, so the first one is, what is your Gift and how do you plan on controlling it?

YC: 'Remains silent, doesn't even move, hands on his lap.'

Conrad: 'Loses patience.' Look, I'm going to ask you these questions and you're going to answer, alight? Now, one more time, and I better get a response. What. is-

YC: 'Quietly' Pyroglee.

Conrad: What?

YC: I said, pyroglee. And I don't plan on controlling my Gift.

Conrad: 'Studies his younger self before answering.' But you have to.

YC: Hasn't stopped me before.

Conrad: What are you trying to do, end up in prison?

YC: I'll end up somewhere, but not there.

Conrad: 'Leans closer' Where?

YC: Like I'm Going to tell you anything.

Conrad: 'This time, he's the one who remains quiet, eyes locked on his younger self.'

YC: It's off your radar, alright? God. Stop acting like you're some tough miscreant who's been through some stuff.

Conrad: You have no idea what I've been through... 'Tosses paper off the table.' What you're about to go through.

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