• Jalisa Hines

Book Four Synopsis

Ethan thinks his time at Warren's Refuge of Neglected Gifted should go by a lot easier with the criminal Poison finally out of the way. But, nothing seems safe anymore when he, Timothy, and Conrad are caught by the head vigilante, Bertram Swift, on top of the abandoned warehouse. Now that he's in the vigilante's line of sight, he doesn't know what could be worse...except for Conrad getting another summons to go back to Magnum's lair to complete dangerouse assignments for him. Ethan and Timothy join him in the tasks which seem to only be created to get their brother killed, and Ethan starts to grow more suspicious of Conrad when he realizes his brother has a dark past. They have to take down criminals like like Wonder, a Gifted who's more like a sorcerer, and Alpine, the woman whose main goal is to cause destruction. Ethan has to fight while wondering who he has to be more suspicious of: Magnum...or Conrad. #TheExcludedTrapped


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