• Jalisa Hines

A Wonderful Explosion-Part 2

The blast sent Timothy flying backwards, eventually landing on his haunches. His breathing came out as heavy bursts of air, fingers rubbing against the gravel. He shakily got to his feet, dusting himself off with one hand while the other reached down for his knap-sack. He didn't feel the soft fabric anywhere. Timothy turned his head left and right until he spotted the bag lying close to the field on the right side of him. A smug grin sprouted up Timothy's lips, head going down so his chin touched his chest while his arm shot up, hand clenched into a fist. Fi-na-lly. The smell of smoke from the burning classroom wafted through the air, into Timothy's nostrils. It was high time he made his way out of the school as fast as he could and ran back home. So fast, nobody would see him. Yep, he'd be a blur. Nobody would ever know- The security guard rushed at him from the back, lifting him in the air with one hand while speaking rapidly into a walkie-talkie with the other. "I need more men down here plus the fire department," he breathed, breath coming out in huffs. "Some kid set fire to a classroom- "Huh?" Timothy gasped, hand on the side of his face. "A kid did that? Who could of-Locke was just walking down here, minding his own business." "Save it," spat the guard. "I've seen everything. Even you going behind the classroom to work on your project." "And you didn't stop him?" Timothy raised an eyebrow. Or check to see what he was doing? Doesn't that make you an accomplice?" "You heard him." The man held the walkie talkie back to his ear. "Just admitted to everything." "Hey, come on." Timothy put his hands in the air. "Locke was just kidding. Ha ha! You know, a joke? You didn't think that was funny? Locke sure did. He can even think of a few more witticism's if you let him- "Shut up!" shouted the man, stomping his foot. Even in the dead of night, Timothy could see the man's face reddening. "The only other jokes you're going to tell are to other kids in the jail you're going to." Timothy sighed. Jail. Maybe there really was a place worst than high school.


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