• Jalisa Hines

A Wonderful Explosion

Being a boy genius in high school hadn't been on Timothy's 'Most Wanted List'. Especially with the other students giving him mean looks in class and even sometimes the teachers, who couldn't believe they spent their entire college experience teaching some kid who'd chosen to sit in the very front of their classroom. But it didn't matter, anyway. He'd show them. Yes, and it would be glorious. Timothy had spent most of the nights he could sneak out of the house, assembling the mechanism he planned to set off behind the classroom. And tonight would be the night. Where all his work would finally pay off. Timothy backed away from the classroom, his shoes tapping on the cement as he held the small detonator above his head. 'Okay,' he thought, the full moon providing the only light on the empty campus, bringing the device closer to himself. 'This is the time. All you have to do is press the button. That little thing right there, staring at you. Waiting...' Without thinking any more about it, he brought his thumb down on the button. And...nothing. Timothy jammed his finger on the button again and again, wondering why the stupid thing wouldn't go off. He had planned it all out, didn't he? Every small detail, every piece he was supposed to get and still...nothing. Shaking his head, backing away and grumbling to himself, he stuck the device back into the nap sac he brought, wondering when his dreadful days of high school were going to end. And then-POW! Okay, Excluded Kids, remember, this is just a story, and setting off explosives is NOT something you should ever do.Okay? Okay. Part two is coming soon.


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