• Jalisa Hines

A Kindred Spirit (Part 2)

As he watched Ethan disappear inside, Ryan stayed frozen in his spot, his joints refusing to move. He didn't know what to expect, what remained hidden behind the door, and he wasn't looking forward to it. Ethan had to come out, once again, take him by the arm, and command "Come on, man." Ryan's eyes beheld the deserted room he stepped into, decaying walls with stains going down them, two or three desks packed together, and sitting at one of those desks, sliding a pencil across a sheet of paper, was the boy who normally kept to himself in their math class, glaring at whoever stared at him for too long.

"Gary," Ethan commanded, and the white haired blonde boy jerked his head up, questions floating in his eyes. "This is Ryan. I thought, you now, you guys could hang out. You could show him around the school or something."

Gary's lips pursed, and he fervently shook his head. That was enough encouragement for Ryan to begin backing up towards the door.

"Listen, man," Ethan continued, struggling to keep his patience. "At least give it a chance. Ryan's kind of like you. He's an artist, himself." Gary continued to shake his head, putting more force to it. Ryan sighed, contemplating swinging the door open and storming back into the hallway.


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