• Jalisa Hines

A Kindred Spirit

Kyle took his time walking down the hall to the cafeteria, where the rest of the students grabbed their lunch then sat down with their friends. He hefted his navy blue backpack on his shoulders, twisting his head from side to side, looking for someone. Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around to find the boy he met in his Science class, Ethan Fost.

"Hey," began Ethan with a smile on his face. "You still want me to introduce you to some people?"

"Um..." Kyle scraped his foot against the tiled floor, not knowing how many times he could regret being the new kid at school. "I think I'm just going to sit by myself, today. Not a lot of kids here are very nice, or into the same stuff as me."

"Ah, come on." Ethan crossed his arms. "What kind of stuff are you into?"

"Mostly dark stuff, like horror movies or sad poetry. I'm not really a happy camper."

"Huh." Ethan nodded and tilted his head onto his shoulder as if an interesting thought entered his mind. "Come on," Without waiting for him to respond, Ethan started walking to the exit, knowing exactly where to go.

Kyle sighed and followed Ethan, wondering where on earth they could be going. They finally came upon a stairway going only downwards. They began their short descent, only coming to a stop when they reached the very bottom. What looked to be an old classroom with a pealing wooden door was the only room in the dark, creepy, space, the walls seeming to close in on Kyle.

"I want to introduce you to somebody." Ethan walked to the decaying door. "When he's not in the art club, sometimes he likes to hangout in here."

"Who?" Kyle scratched his head.

"Gary, man." Ethan opened the door then walked inside.

Just a short story I wanted to write because Kyles character has been in my head for a long time. Almost since I first started The Excluded. But I knew that if I added him in, there would be way too many characters. Lol


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